November 21, 2011

A New Site and a Poem

I've launched a new site which has more examples of my work, including a chapter from my new novel. The site is, and you can visit it here.

I've never written a poem about turkeys and reindeer, and so I have nothing of the season to offer you. Instead, here's a poem about a lost dog.

Posted, Lost Dog

Friendly. Answers to Ernie.
Black spot on white back.
Whines when cornered.
Hind left leg missing. Short hair.

Disappeared near Spring and
Briarwood. Reward. Eats
out of bowls, hands, cones
of newspaper. Looks up.

Runs in his sleep. Catches
unreal cats and rabbits.
Barks when he wakes.
Wrestles with traffic and wins.

Has mud flap ears. No tags,
no collar. Is the world’s dog.
Has made off with wife.
Friendly. Answers to Sue.